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Our Story

Focus IT LLC was established in 1998 as a LAN consulting provider as well as hardware and software services. We presently provide LAN, WAN, Internet and Network Security, and Cybersecurity solutions as well as cable, hardware and software solutions.  We provided automated solutions to a range of single users to small and large business organizations.  Focus IT LLC provides consulting implementation and technical support services to its clients.  Insuring that clients gain maximum benefit from their investment as quickly as possible with minimum risk.  Our persistence and dedication to our clients has earned us an excellent reputation.

Focus IT LLC provides computer software, computer hardware (computers and computer peripherals equipment) built to client specifications.  Focus IT LLC has invested and continues to invest significant resources in staying abreast of the latest technologies.  Our many years of experience enable us to provide our customers with immediate support and state of the art solutions for all of networking, hardware and software needs.

We take great pride in the personal care that our staff provides when dealing with our clients, especially during tough emergency situations. 

Since the start of our consulting business, we have resisted the strategy of heavily marketing our services.  We preferred to rely on excellent referrals for building our customer base.  Over the years, this has resulted in an extremely loyal and satisfied group of customers.  At Focus IT LLC, we recognize that the most valuable business relationships are long-term business relationships and we have gone to great lengths to foster these relationships and will continue to do so.

Among Focus IT LLC’s resources are our extensive knowledge of a wide variety of computer platforms, from simple workstations to high performance file servers.  We are equipped to resolve even the most complicated hardware problems within twenty-four (24) hours or less. Most of the hardware problems are resolved within four (4) hours.  We are also prepared to provide loaner equipment to customers should the need arise. Many of our customers with sophisticated needs became long-term clients because they were extremely satisfied with our hardware solutions.

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